Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Here it is! The moment you never realized you were waiting for, the very first installment of Hateful Smile Radio,  KILLING YOU HARD!  No between song banter, no automatic sync with itunes, and separated tracks for maximum sound quality variation!   Without further ado, I present the tracklisting:

1. Archers of Loaf - Audiowhore
2. Arab Strap - Fucking Little Bastards
3. Planesmistakenforstars - Pillbox
4. Saviours - Rise To Pyramid Form
5. Skin Like Iron - No Legacy
6. Tragedy - Call To Arms
7. World Burns To Death - Here A Dream Dies Everyday
8. Dead Blue Sky - Holding Yesterday For Ransom
9. Planesmistakenforstars - To Spit A Sparrow
10. Acephalix - Ascetix
11. The Body - Song of Sarin, The Brave
12. Git Some - Lick, Lick, Lick
13. The Regulations - Laugh At Me (Ha Ha Ha)
14. Negative Approach - Pressure
15. Archers of Loaf - Smoking Pot in the Hot City
16. Nomos - A Witness
17. Ceremony - Twenty Four Hour Fever Watch
18. Ink & Dagger - The Bloodlust
19. American Nightmare - Farewell

HATEFUL SMILE I: Killing You Hard

postscript: In theory, you can just extract the folder, add everything to itunes, and you'll have a new playlist entitled "I" with all of these tracks in the proper order.  This is my first time trying this, so if it doesn't work that way let me know and I'll fix it to the best of my ability.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Intense, Epic Soundscapes!

I'm not generally big on stuff that sounds reliant on pedalboards to be awesome, but that type of wankery becomes acceptable in the right circumstances.  Considering Envy have been playing screamo since I was in grammar school, it seems they should probably get a pass and be allowed to do whatever they want.  Thankfully, what they want is to make really beautiful soundscapes and then shit screams and raging beats all over them.  I missed them last month, then slept on this out of spite.  Now that I have it, I've listened to it every day for the last four days and can say this album RULES.  There's one song that I forgot the name of that could maybe have been omitted due to it being a small brown bike/hot water music ripoff with screaming, but even that one will probably grow on me.  The production sounds amazing, the musicianship top-of-the-line, and through it all it is among their most fully conceived works.  It sounds like the last couple Envy records tonally speaking, but they only grow better at composition and arrangement and it shows.  This is good enough that I might even forgive them for that shit with Thursday. Maybe.

So here it is, Envy - Recitation (2010)

Friday, November 19, 2010

When you look for a God, but realize the sky is empty...

I always wanted to be a writer. Then I ran out of weed and started a blog. Most likely I'll just post (mostly stolen) links to music and art. In celebration of this momentous and historically significant occasion, I stole you a great link to download a terrific record by Cult of Youth, some New York hipster kids making Death in June style gothy folk awesome again.  It should of course be mentioned that this was in fact stolen from one of my favorite places to steal things from, the fantastic blog I Could Die Tomorrow.  This mostly sounds like death in june or some swans stuff, but also has a strong early bad seeds feel to it. If you love folk music and hate the idea of God, you should probably check this out.   I would have put up cover art, but...no, actually I wouldn't have.

Cult of Youth-A Stick to Bind, A Seed to Grow